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Choices Bench

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Designed for the 2015 Milan World's Fair, this bench gives you the choice to sit how you want, and stay in the conversation -- should you choose, of course.
Project Info
  • Choices
  • The Choices Bench was designed with two things in mind: relaxation and communication. Now you don't have to choose which is more important.

    The angled armrest gives you something to lean against, while the extra-wide seating surface gives you room to bring up a leg. And the sloping backrest makes for a comfortable place for your hand to sit should you decide to throw your arm over the back.

    As the extra-wide seating surface allows you to bring up a leg, it also gives you more control over the direction you face while sitting on the bench. This, along with the purposefully-shallow seat depth, keeps you engaged in the conversation.

    Another feature of the design is the tessellating left and right sides. This allows for more seating along the perimeter of the pavilion. The simple, contemporary form makes for a bold statement of aesthetics; while the comfortable memory foam cushions make for a unique statement of ergonomics.

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