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Brick Series

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Brick series by Pepe Heykoop When you look at the Brick series you immediately think of what it’s like to start with a single block and take it wherever you want it to go. Imaginative and playful, this furnitures are made from recycled children’s blocks.
  •    Brick series by Pepe Heykoop
  • Endless possibilities
    The brick series is all about interpretation and imagination. Inspired by LA artist, James Gulliver Hancocks drawing entitled All the chairs I sat on, I made my interpretation of his interpretation. And thats how the Brick Chair came aboutmuch like a game of Chinese whispers.
    The Brick series triggers an instinctive reaction. As a child you want to build your entire world with wooden blocks or Lego. A block or brick construction makes it possible to create nearly anything you can think of. The Brick Chandelier is a good example of this, with its span of 2.7 meters. The building block becomes a new material to work with. Just imagine
    The Brick Chair is an interpretation of a drawing that is itself an interpretation of an existing chair. Twice transformed it ended up in blocks. We all see different things in the same images.
    After the Brick Chair I started building the Brick Chandelier to explore the possibilities. It reaches over two meters and is made from over 1000 blocks.

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