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Bentley Aero Ace - Speed IV

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A collaborative design project with Bentley, the Speed IV concept is a design study into future aerodynamic efficient sports coupé.
  • Bentley Aero Ace Project
    Speed IV Concept
    A collaborative design project with Bentley, explore a new aerodynamic lead design direction for Bentley using Exa aerodynamic evaluation software. Develop a 2D design proposals and a digital design for a Bentley coupe that speaks to lean mid 21st century tastes, and that truly embraces aerodynamics to both reduce energy consumption and form part of a future Bentley design aesthetic. 

    Inspired by the original Speed 6 driven to victory by the Bentley Boys of the 20s at Le Mans, the Speed IV concept is an overtly sporting vehicle with the raw aggression of a pure blood racer, whist retaining the refined elegance of past Bentleys. Close attention was paid to refining the aerodynamic properties of individual design component of the vehicle.   

    Aided by specialist EXA evaluation software PowerFlow, the aerodynamic properties of the Speed IV was developed over a period of 2 months and 3 simulations. The software simulates the aerodynamics of my proposed design at a digital model stage.  The advantage being that it enables two-dimensional models to be accurately tested for their aerodynamic performance without having to make an actual real-life car.

  • Semi enclosed wheel with heat ducts for improve aerodynamics.
  • Double wishbone suspension integrated within the adjustable spoiler/ aerofoil for maximize efficiency.

  • Air intake for electric motors cooling, feeding out to twin rear heat exhaust ducts. 
  • The 1+1 seating position offers uninterrupted / track day focused driving experience. 
  • Even distribution of battery cells and seating (1+1) configuration for optimal weight distribution. 

  • Integrated diffusers aid air flow and create downforce. 

  • Driver orientated 1+1 configuration.

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