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Balde com Rodas - Bucket with Wheels Sanremo

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This system searches for a new method of domestic cleaning, where the user transport all the equipments easily and do the cleaning efficiently, saving water and cleaning products and also contributing to the environment preservation.
  • Bucket with wheels and accessories
    Hydrus Line, Sanremo

    Complete cleaning system
  • Cleaning becomes stylish and practical with this system composed of a bucket with wheels, an auxiliary bucket for dirty water, a mop squeezer and caddy for products. With only one device it is possible to clean the mop and change only the dirty water, saving up the use of water and avoiding the excessive disposal of chemical agents in the environment. The mop squeezer helps removing the excess of water, the caddy facilitates the transport of products, helped by the dock for the broomstick and the wheels. This will assure a more efficient, ecologic and economic cleaning.

    Product Design: Júlia Muller Dias
    Photos: Click Pró, Júlia Muller Dias and Rodrigo Werle
    Graphic Material: Néktar Design
  • Short version of how to use the bucket with wheels.
  • Long version of how to use the bucket with wheels.

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