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"Air-Elf" Aircraft concept design

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My graduation project for bachelor degree
  • Air Elf
    Aircraft concept design
  • This concept design is my graduation project for bachelor degree. I had done a lot of research in aerodynamics, material, energy and aircraft design. Then I designed a new type of wings which combine the advantages of both the jet aircraft and helicopter. After taken Modeling and Simulation course in graduate school, I did a flow simulation in Solidworks. the Air Elf won the entry prize of Lotus Prize 2010.
  • Air flow simulation configuration.
    Flow: Air
    Velocity: 180m/s
    Environment temperature: 293.2K
    Environment pressure: 101325Pa
    Wall thermal condition: Adiabatic
    Roughness: 2 micrometer

  • Velocity Trajectories
  • Shear Stress Contours
  • Temperature Contours
  • Pressure Isosurfaces
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