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  • This guitar was built as a gift for a friend. It has many of the features of the standard Razor Thinline, although the soundhole and woods are different. He specifically requested yin-yang fret markers. This version also features a tremolo (vibrato).
  • The controls are (from left to right) master tone, blend, and master volume. The blend control allows you to mix the signals of the two pickups rather than simply switching between them. The master tone is also a coil cut for the bridge humbucker. Pulling the knob up switches off one coil of the humbucker giving single coil tones.

  • As well as slippery graphite saddles at the bridge the guitar also features a roller nut, and roller string tree, so that there are no sticking points for the string, keeping tuning stable despite quite heavey use of the tremolo. The tuners are Steinburger gearless locking tuners. The string is locked tight inside the tuner and the string is drawn down in to the headstock, getting rid of any windings and improving tuning stability.

  • In this picture you can see the master tone pulled up engaging the coil cut. The pickups for this guitar, and all my electric guitars and basses are from GFS, an american company that hand makes boutique pickups.

  • The top back and sides are solid AAAA Flamed Maple from Germany. The binding and fingerboard are Ebony.

  •  The back plates of this guitar are made of Purpleheart, a wood that is naturally purple. The neck is made from quarter sawn AA Flamed Maple.
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