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We've all experienced the situation of annoying someone because the level of what you're listening is to high. Your kids are watching their cartoons but you had a very stressful day and you need some calm. Or you want to watch the soccer game while your girlfriend would like to read listening some musics. All these situations could have a solution. A4 has been engineered for increased convenience and sound pollution reduction. So you're not filling up the entire room with your sound (noise) anymore. Then, instead of having immobile sources you can lay out the sources however you want and improve even more the focusing of the sound emission. Tacking flaring cylindrical form, each speaker is accented with a larger wooden ring that brings stability to it as it sits and provides a handle for easy portability. Because they are cordless, the amplifiers can be carried throughout the house, connecting to your smartphone, your tablet and your computer wirelessly.You can also split the audio sources and watch a show when your brother is listening his podcast. A4 change the way to hear at home. 2012 This project mays not reflect the views or plans of B&O PLAY.

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