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2004 - Lotus cat tree

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This Cat tree project for the American Market is from 2004. So maybe it's a little bit old and rough to show because it was the first project done right after graduated. With my experience now I would probably have down it differently.
  • This Cat tree project for the American Market is from 2004.

    The concept was inspired by a growing plant, with a main structure ans the leaf as small steps. This architecture allow the cat to play on a vertical plan, going from one side to another through windows, and reach the top platform allow the cat to have a high and comfy point of view.
  • Draft 3D presentation board of the Cat tree concept
  • Final product picture, tall and medium sizes.
  • Small Lotus pictured in situation
  • The Cat Tree was featured for an article "Good Design, Happy cats" presenting different pet furniture designs. The Lotus Cat Tree is only sold in U.S.A. were he meet a good success.

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