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ISOPOD | Robot-watcher

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The robot-watcher is intended for replacement of human work in obviously dangerous kinds of activity. The robot is semiautomatic: it can be controlled by the person and has it's own system of navigation. On the basis of one design two robots have been developed: for military and salvage operations. According to these two variants the form is solved. The military robot-scout: imperceptible, small, formed laconic on plastic, geometric volumes, Makes impression of durability, reliability in knots and connections and takes a military facility form. This robot has feet-boards and is capable to develop in a strong cover. The robot-rescuer is closer to the researcher, than to the spy, has a contrast color score which does the robot appreciable, signaling about the presence. The robot design represents system of functional modules, changing and packing which it is possible to change the basic function of the robot operatively: it probably to equip with the manipulator, the chamber and other various adaptations. Also it is easily possible to replace accumulators and to choose their quantity necessarily. The design allows to increase passableness essentially: the robot is capable to overcome obstacles of the most different geometry, comparable with own size. The symmetric structure gives the chance to the robot to change a direction of movement without developing entirely the case; it does by its more maneuverable.

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